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VJSAYDO Architects comprises for more than 10 years, an interdisciplinary team of architects, landscape designers, interior designers & Interns.

Our work covers the whole range of architectural services. The company has experience in many project types including residential (both private, multi-storey), retail, commercial, industrial and Landscape designs.
The way we work 
To us Architecture is a language - expressing the quality of SPACES and utility uniqueness of every single user. 
Our team is composed of creative, innovative and communicative individuals who share a fascination for their work, and a readiness to become involved with each project as it develops. Meeting the daily challenge of competition, in both large-scale and small-scale contexts and succeeding in our work is only possible with a team that is capable of enthusiasm, and which is built on a basis of friendship and mutual trust.


Our vision has always been to work closely with our clients in helping them realize their dream. Our designs almost always have nature wrapped around the built spaces with no clear boundaries, where one flows into the other and interior spaces speak with nature and are drenched with natural light. Our final outputs are given a clear picture only after many long interactive sessions with clients at every stage of design – adapting the changes whenever needed. 



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Our work is an expression of our beliefs. We believe Architecture is about conversation, a dialogue between spaces and the built environment.
In all our works, irrespective of the size and nature, we aspire to achieve a balance between ever changing environment and the rich traditions we are ingrained to. The search is for a contemporary expression with a soul deeply embedded in traditional sensibilities which could produce an architecture that belongs to its time and place.

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